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By Industry Professionals

Honest Reviews From Multiple Perspectives

Wondering if your track meets industry standards? Want your mix / master tested in a professional studio? Need some outside opinions on your song? Let us review it.

We're a bit different than most music sites. We approve every submission, the good, bad, and of course, the ugly. We're not here to put you onto new music, although you may discover your next favorite artist here. 

We're here to breakdown your track based off industry standards. Your track will be separately reviewed by a seasoned producer & a seasoned emcee, in two different professional studios. We'll focus on mixing, mastering, pitch correction, composition, arrangement, etc., along with our subjective opinions on how we liked the track.

We welcome all genres of music. Our goal is to be that unbiased set of ears that artists look for when testing a new song. We also try to keep it entertaining for the reader, so they have more incentive to actually listen to your track.


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Levi Wilson, a label owner by day and emcee by night, has been in the music industry for years. From rocking crowds to scoring custom music for your favorite Netflix shows, he has proven his place in the industry.

Justin Loring, a multi-genre music producer who's resume includes Top 40 artists, award winning movie scores, and tracks featured in numerous commercials, such as Lamborghini & Gears and Gasoline

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