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Cyrus Nemani - "Sine" 

For fans of: Khruangbin, Polyphia, Sebastian Roca

​​Sine is a great track, hands down. Lush chords and lyrical riffs amplified through some great guitar tone. I could see Polyphia fans enjoying this, despite it not being super progressive like Polyphia, the memorable and catchy riffs would do well among the instrumental guitar crowd. Can't really place my finger on the sub-genre. Not quite midwest emo, not quite progressive, not quite post rock, but whatever it is, we're into it.


The mix is very close to ''industry standard'', but two things stood out to us. The bass hits just about perfect in the car & on monitors, but with a sub and or large speakers, it stands out by 2-3dbs. The second thing that stood out was the hi-hat tone / preset. The open & closed hats give off a slightly outdated programmed e-drum tone. This is entirely subjective but we can't help but think some more realistic sounding hats would sound better. But we're just nitpicking, as this track is very impressive overall.

"This track is an all around success. From the proficient use of all the instruments, to the clarity of the recording, this track was a pleasure to listen to. Sine has a creative vibe that will win over fans from all genres" - L.W

"Talented playing on all instruments, well composed & mixed, and an awesome original sound. Hope to hear more!"

- J.L

Terreyl Fields - "Slice Slide" 


For fans of: Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Brent Faiyaz

We spent some time listening to Slice Slide in a few different settings, but the setting that matched the most was poolside as the sun went down. It has a calming, almost island-like melody (think soft steel drums), with upbeat drums to counter, and a catchy hook that'll stick in your head. He makes you wait almost 3 minutes for the full drop, strategically building up suspense, but it's worth it. 


The mix and master in this track is definitely up to industry standards, sounded great on every system. Everything was in key & on beat. Did we mention he produced this track too? Follow Terreyl on Instagram @TerreylFields 


"I foresee some good traction and radio play with this single. It has the summer vibe for the ladies" - L.W

"Impressive production and vocals, with lots of creativity throughout the track. Radio and playlist friendly" - J.L

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